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Nurture the health of your customers to build closer relationships

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Strong relationships fuel business. And relationships are built on communication. Our intelligent messaging powers customer success across your business by measuring and influencing the happiness of your customers.

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Empower your customer goals

Surface the things that your customers want to get done - drive automation and manage communications to meet their goals.

Act when it matters

Power communication based on the moments that matter to your customers. Link events occurring across your business systems to proactively engage when, where and how your customers want.

Fuel the health of your relationships

Figure continuously analyses sentiment and records customer feedback, so you can measure and improve the health of your relationships.

Interact with customers across any channel

Connect on the web and via messaging - email, SMS, Messenger, Line, Kik, Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat, Twitter DM and more...

Integrates with your business systems

Act on key events as they happen in your systems. Hook into data streams from Salesforce, Xero, Zendesk and your favourite cloud apps.

Orchestrate flows

Use Figure to orchestrate flows between live agents and bots. Plugin existing bot platforms and CRM’s to create new customer experiences.


Safe & secure

Our infrastructure is designed for security, encrypted, constantly monitored & always available.

Our mission is to enrich relationships

Between businesses and people — so we can be closer.

And with billions of people using messaging to chat, buy, think and work — the potential to define new relationships with businesses is as exciting as ever.

We call this the relationship economy.

Our founders have created successful companies with messaging products loved by global enterprises, and their customers.

It's what we care deeply about.

Romilly Blackburn

Marketing, Growth, Operations

Serial founder, most recently co-founder at Whispir, $2m's MRR, $20m+ raised in venture capital, $50m+ in SaaS sales in Singapore, Usa, Australia.

Franco Trimboli

Product, Engineering

Founder of tveeder, Head of Product at Whispir & employee #1, polyglot engineer, and product innovator.

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